La Palma Artesanía, was born with the aim of promoting and caring for the image of a quality artisan product. Thus begins a path where the product is shown in a different way, in which the image began to acquire importance, the care for the realization and care in the finish of the piece in addition to the presentation that further revalues the artisan product.

With this objective, the collection was born SOUVENIR , as a product intended for the acquisition of those visitors and lovers of the “handmade” who want to give away a piece of art and tradition of La Palma.

Thus, a set of products that make up the collection are made SOUVENIR l as t-shirts is one of them: The t-shirts that make up this collection are embroidered by the hands of our artisans, thus rescuing techniques, points and designs that characterize our craftsmanship. for a long time. This art will make it possible to publicize the natural and cultural values of our environment and with the aim of continuing to adapt to the current demands of a changing market, we will continue to promote and support the artisan product, its image and its promotion.