Reminiscences of the past bring us to the present stories that They tell how the birth of a baby was lived. He was served with the means that were available, there were no luxuries, no means, or pieces as varied as those we have today, there were no cribs, carrycots, strollers, or decorative elements that we have today.

The textiles that arrived on our island were few and not all people could buy them. That is why the cunning, the ability of the woman in this case acquired a decisive role, since it was rare that she did not carry out work done by hand. At home it was embroidered, woven, different crafts were made with care and dedication. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts … delicately looked for those pieces necessary for the newborn, fabrics to make crib games, diapers with open stitch  and “cooing” embroidery, gowns, bibs, lace and fabrics all made by hand for the  small. A trousseau that began to be made from the moment the “good news” was known until birth.

Traditionally, there were people who did not know or could not do jobs and they were resorted to that due to their skill and knowledge they carried out these handicrafts, we have an example of this in the basketry of colmo. It was customary to give a basket for their delicate work and not many knew how to do it, for this they looked for those who carried them out and were commissioned. The story tells us that to carry out this Such a delicate present these baskets were made and depending on what each person could spend … the most expensive baskets were lined with silk and the less expensive ones were lined with paper.

Currently, things have been changing and crafts must adapt to current needs, there is no time … to do these tasks, or wash delicate pieces by hand … So artisans adapt by offering new generations a more practical product that adapts to your demands, it arises like this COO , the baby collection in which once again the craftsman survives and continues to make these pieces with the same care, quality, delicacy and affection.

Despite the changes our society is experiencing LA PALMA CRAFTSMANSHIP  STILL ALIVE!!, A newborn trousseau would not be understood without crib games with elements made by the grandmother, mother or closest relatives.

In this way, let us support the artisan and his product, consuming living history.